The … things that makes a good shot !

The ... things that makes a good shot !

Is your camera important ?

Do you really think you need the newest gear, the last product launched on the market to make the best shot ever done ?

Well, the good news is that it’s wrong. You can have the most expensive camera, the most beautiful woman on earth in front of your lens, you can have a killer background and simply miss the shot. But you can take it the other way around : Do you see the camera above ? It is almost 50 years old and still works perfectly well : it has a razor sharp fixed built-in lens and delivers great shot. Analog of course.

So here is the question : what makes a great shot ?

1) The subject : You can be a great fashion Photographer, but I have to admit, that your pictures will be nicer if you shoot George Clooney in a tuxedo rather than me. But still, this is no guaranty you have a good shot.

2) The composition : Want to learn a lot about this ? Go to the museum of Arts. See what artists have done before us. Personally, I am sure, that some of these painters would have been photographers if they were born in our times. Anyway, keep in mind the rule of third. This is a important point that will let improve your shots. Composition is such a big issue, that a blog just for this would be not enough to cover the subject. So, at this point let’s reduce it to the decoration : accessories, their places, foreground and background.

3) The lens : All lenses on the marked can provide good shots. Some are better than others, but trust me even with a iPhone or a blackberry, I can achieve great shots. So the point is to choose the right lens to the right subject. This will be a future post in my blog.

4) The interestingness of the picture : How can I explain this ? Hum… A picture of your favorite meal, unless you are shooting for cook, will not create a tremendous joy to the viewers. Flickr is full of cakes, BBQ, Steaks in all variations, vegetables in of all kinds and all colors, all well lit… BUT… Who cares ? If there is not a story to that, you have no photograph, just an image. If you are a fine art shooter, the 5th point may provide the interestingness of your viewers.

5) Paprica shot this way are not telling a story but it is a good shot. A famous one. Edwar Weston made it. He knew how to play with the light like a poet can play with words. What does make this shot so particular ? The mix of the shape and the light plays a major part. And if you consider the points 1 to 4 while looking at the picture, you will understand what does make a great picture.


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