What Lens For My First Studio Shoot?…

I can remember all my questions when I started to shoot in a studio for the first time.

You are not so confident in your skills, have to make your model feel OK and pay attention to the technical stuff. Honestly, I was very happy, that my model happened to be the woman I will be marry in a few weeks. I just mention this because it took me stress away and after this first shooting, I made a brainstorming to get better pictures the next times.

My first point yesterday was a bout the right lens : Zoom or fix-lens ?Well there is actually no right or wrong but, as a beginner I advice you to shoot with a zoom.

Why ?

ZOOM : Well, when you think your model has the perfect expression, the one you have dreaming and expecting hours before, it would be too bad to say : “Well, hum… can you stay like this a good minute, I just need to run and hold a new lens ! Okay?” I bet you she/he says yes. But when your back, the moment is gone. So as beginner you explore, Portrait / Landscape, close-up, model with background. Frank Doorhof,a fashion & glamour photographer (and also a Kelby-Trainer) says it : be flexible, a zoom enables you to get a completely different looks just by turning the ring and it’s done. That is so true ! Friends of mine, kind of purists, told me : “Yeah, but with affordable zooms, you can not open at f2,8 or even f1,4

This was a real source of problems : is it very important ? Or not ?… I keep it short : NO IT IS NOT. In studio, you mainly shoot between f8 and f16. Sometimes even f22. Strobes have such power… I do not know anybody who shot in studio with a dslr at f1,4.

35-105mm ? 12-24mm ? 70-200mm… It all depends on the results you expect. Wide angles are normally not OK for portraits. Well this rule can be broken. Allready heard of Jean-Loup Sieff ?

This one my fav shots of him :

Dos d'AstridOK

Explore ! Try things ! Look for failures and learn from them !  🙂

It was in 2008, I wanted to make good pictures and was struggling with the technic, the lights, my model, my Wallimex (stay away from Wallimex) and this was such a stress… I even did not have a light-meter… Well, here are my first studio shots :

Ulli First Shooting



Tomorrow’s post will be about the analyze and critics of these pictures. So do not wait up to leave a comment to criticize and stay tuned !

More tk…

Marc Eliot


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