Critics and Analyse of a Picture : Portrait of my very first shooting

Ulli Studio 1

Hi Guys!

I only have 20 minutes left to write this post and I want to make interesting.

This time, this about critics: Here is the deal : I pick up a shot from my Gallery (or a who you send me one ) and I just criticize it. In Flickr (I love Flickr by the way), you mostly get comments like : WOW ! Great ! And so on, but here : I just tell the truth. Well, even it is hard, I tell what I think.

OK let’s get started :

So the shot above is an old one from my gallery on Flickr. I was starting to shoot in Studio and this was my very first shooting.

Is that important ?


The picture is important.

And if you need to write all the context around the picture, it can be that your picture is not strong enough. Anyway, 4 years later, here is what I see :

Woman from profile with a nice tender look. Sensual lips on which the focus was done.Her chest is oriented to the left and she turns her head toward the camera. It looks pretty much like a snapshot. My eye can not decide if it wants to look at her eyes, sorry her 1 eye or go down to her lips. The problem is the viewer search aumatically for an eye (when the picture shows a portrait) and/or to the brighten spots of the picture = here the skin closed to her eye. Her hair seam to be nice looking but unluckily it is blurred and hides most of her face. And what do we know about this woman ? Actually nothing. And this is what I do not like : because of the mistakes described above, she as a woman is not enough to provide a strong picture. It could have helped If would have been possible to learn more about her. Dress ? Nude ? Background ? Seamless paper or interior ? livingroom or bedroom ? The crop is also not the best. Now I think I would have cut the top of her head to focus on her TWO eyes. So what to say : This not a good shot. It is not really bad neither, it is simply a not interesting shot.

But… OK, failures help you to find the right track !
Tomorrow, I will criticize an other studio shot. Feel free to send yours : it is too hard to kill its own baby, so give it to your neighbor : he will do this for you !  🙂

Stay tuned, have a nice light, send me pic if you like and see you tomorrow.

Marc Eliot


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