Shot in 2008 or 2009 in my old flat in Vienna. The lights used for this picture were continuous lights from Wallimex. It was a cheap way to get started in the studio world and even if got several times angry about the poor quality of the devices, the lights were ok.

This shot is OK because :

1/ Nice model
2/ The smile is not faked, she was really happy (to finish actually because it was sooo hot !)
3/ The lines leading to hear head make the shot interesting :  4 lines thanks her arms
4/ The cap nails the look of the viewer.
5/ Photoshop is a good friend   🙂
6/ The shadow on the left gives depth to the composition.

What could have been better ?

The balance of the light. To make this shot interesting, I had to make the following steps :

1/ I made a vignette around her face (use the gradient in CS5 – White center going darker on the edges), set the opacity at something like 30/40%.
2/ I used the skin softener of Color Efex Pro 3.0 form NIK Software (now owned by google by the way)
3/ I made a new layer and Aplied the mode Negativ Multiply, and created a mask. After that, I  inversed this mask and took the brush to make the left part of her face brighter. It was way too dark.
4/ I played a little with the color tones.

And the result :

A nice looking portrait which story is her smile and her happiness. This shot could have been much more stronger if I had added some accessories  to create a story about her and what she was doing.

more tk


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