Stupid instruction’s manuals and Tips to save your Day


I am so angry !


If there is one thing I hate and drives me crazy in a very aggressive way : it is loosing my time for no good reason. We, photographers, spend a lot of money buying new gears. Here in Europe a SB900 is about 500$. And this price I do expect my gear to work properly. Normally it does in most of the case. But sometimes you just have a problem and you keep struggling with no right answer.


Here an example for all the guys having a Flash SB900 or higher :


You want to go to the TTL-BL (which meters also the ambient light) mode but can’t find it ? You keep on turning the wheel and switch and switch again and again from one mode to an other and that makes you insane ? You put your camera and grab your manual of instructions. And this the point of this post today.


Trust me, I have been reading that manual from A to Z and Z to A in all versions : in French (I am French), in English (please accept my apologizes for my strange way to formulates my posts sometimes) and in German as I leave in Austria for now 18 years. And you can trust me, when you have problems, this manual is most of the time the last place to be when you need help.


Dont’ trust me ? Well, it took me actually just one google search to get the solution.


So here my question :


You guys at Nikon, Canon, Sony, Elinchrom,… Why don’t you let test your manuals by guys like me and your average customers ? Why don’t you care that much about us that don’t really write a serious and helpful “HELP !” chapter based on observing test-users ?




Before they do, you can follow my check list so you can relax :


1) Have a quick look in your Manual- A quick one 🙂
2) Then search the web, there is chance someone already had the same problem and blogged the solution. Search forums too.
3) Send an e-mail to the company and ask them to actualize their
manuals. I mean online.
4) Pass the word to your friends.


In my case, this mode can only be on when the camera is not set on Spot metering.


Have a nice light !


This image shows a Nikon D200 camera with a Ni...
This image shows a Nikon D200 camera with a Nikon 17-55 mm / 2,8 G AF-S DX IF-ED lens and a Nikon SB-800 flash. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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