Mixing Sunlight with Strobes

I love the mix of the sun light with strobe’s light. It provides something, a kind of very moody light. This might be frightening or glamourous, it really depends on you and creativity.

I Use a quadra From Elinchrom. Depending on you shutter speed, you can create the hour of the day.


Hard to believe, but this one above was shot in the sun light. Right after this, I set my shutter speed at a slower value and got this :

Woman container  purple

How does it work ?

It’s easy : The f-stops are important for the strobe’s light. The shutter speed is the way to regulate the amount of ambient light.

Only 10 m,inutes after and a few steps away, I shot this :

Woman siiting on a red Ferrari

The fun is that you can not control the light of the sun. You have to manage it as good as it gets. But you do control your strobes, and this is an open door for your creativity :


The Quadra from Elinchrom is powerful and not heavy (and small too). So it is easy to pack and unpack and it delivers a high quality of (power) light. Above, the shot was done with a maxi lite + socket as a light modifier.

Here the Quadra Ranger :

I will write some technical stuff about it (don’t worry, I am not a scientist) tomorrow.

Have a nice light !



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