Working on and with locations

Yesterday I posted about mixing light, I mean sun light with Strobe’s light. It is very interesting. You can controle a little the power of the first one but not its position while you can with the second one. The mix create moody pictures which are interesting only because of this feel. Like this one I guess :

Experimentin strobes outside

Here I shot in TTL-Mode with a SB900.

But the other fun part, is the play with the locations.

I mean, you shoot outside and you scout. Sometimes it’s just a question about how lucky you are like I wrote in a previous post about the old car.

But sometimes you get that feeling like you have to come back and get THE shot, like Saudek needed to shoot his portraits with his famous window again and again.

I have my “window”. This is a tunnel. I made the first shot 2 years ago :

In The Tube (2)

And I did not find it to be really cool. So as I knew I will have to come back anyway, I asked my partner to get dressed this time with something warm as it was in winter and got this :

20110328 -- Ulli 2

Much better. But not achieved.

And last monday, we came back there and shot this one :


Well, it is an OK-Shot, and finally, I saw a a very tiny part of the tunnel just in front of the normal tunnel where did all the previous shots.

And I guess it was the reason I had to come back.

Somehow, for any reasons I can’t explain, I am sure I had noticed it but only in my sub-conscience. And then we did this.

Experimentin strobes outside

Achieved !

What I am trying to say is that very often, you a re just a hair away from what you are looking for. It is worth not to give up and come back. By the way, check the light, the position of the sun.

More to come…


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