Miss K On Location


Today’s post is a shot made three weeks ago in the center of Vienna, Austria. Miss K and I already had a shooting together so she felt at ease right from the start.

I had chosen this location because of its versatility : there is a river flowing down just a few steps away, beautiful and interesting buildings – old and modern – offer an interesting background. And there are bridges. Bridges are very convenient when it starts to rain.

We managed to make some interesting shots like these that will post some other time.

A few tips :
1) Think that it can rain, be sure you can put your gears in a dry place within seconds

2) Tell the model where is her light. This was actually the most difficult part that she turned her head in wrong direction… ” Miss, Look (again) toward the strobe please !!!”

3) Chose the right time : too soon you won’t be able to fight the ambient light ; too late you background will be too darken.

4) Use a light meter to get ready in 2 minutes

Tomorrow I will post other pictures of her done the same day.

Stay tuned and have a good light




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