5 things you must know before shooting a model on location

Actually, I have started to become photo addicted the day when I have started to shoot in studio. I had to fight against very much technical stuff but, step by step, I improved and got better an better. 

Shooting in Studio was very interesting and enabled me to learn a lot about lightings a leading a model. Then I have realized that the pictures I really like are almost all on location. 

Here my tips :

  1. Check the weather before you go
  2. before the shoot, check where will be the sun
  3. to do that, I advise you to use the sun seeker app so can see where it will be any time anywhere. 
  4. Take sandbags with you. A little wind and your quadra is ruined. 
  5. Take gels to balance your strobe with the ambient light. 



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