Shooting with the Quadra from Elinchrom

This Shooting in center of Vienna-Austria, was my real first shooting with the quadra from Elinchrom. As I mentioned in a previous post, Miss K and I, we already had a shooting a couple of months ago.

Here a few images we did :

It is fun to set the strobe on f8 like here so you still have details of the background and to vary the shutter speed.


You also have to keep in mind : where is the sun ? Can I use it as a backlight ? Which lightsource will be my main light ?


The wind was my biggest problem I had to solve. You really have to use sandbags or anything that can help to stabilize the strobe.

To day I have posted pictures. Tomorrow, I will tell you why I think Quadra is a very good choice compared to SB900 or other small flashes units.posing pose Urania



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