Emergency Setup !

No time for big projects ?

Or your model is already on the way and you are late ? We all have had this problem at least once. In such situations you need a Plan.

And my one advice is to know a setup by heart so can build it very fast. In such situations, I go for a clam shell light setup.

    • One strobe above aiming down at her at a 45° angle
    • One strobe below (chest level) aiming up at her face at 45° angle.


  • Set the strobe, the one above, with a little more power than the one below.
  • chose a background – I collect different textiles for this.


  • make headshots : you do not need a big background
  • LIght the BG (or darken it) by moving it away or closer to the strobes.

Trust me, you can be done in 15 Minutes.

Now you are thinking : But Marc, should’nt I prepare my self properly to have great shots ?
You should. But honestly, as a 6 -10pm photographer, sometimes I simply can’t. What about you ?


But Marc, I only have one strobe ?
Well it’s okay, take a white or silver reflector to replace the strobe below. You have to put it a little higher. Here an example :

Sans titre
Feel free to comment this post or add something.


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