Panorama Photography of Chigaco, IL.


Remember that name.

Yesterday I have posted a picture made out of 6 pictures.

To do it, I used Photomerge wich is a little application included in CS5. The result was alreday impressive. But I had heard about an unbelievable software developped in the Netherlands (Europe) with a strange same PTgui. According to my friends, it is THE software for panorama.

I got curious and bought it. As they mailed back they will send the registration codes within 24 hours, an that on a friday, I thought I would have to wait until Tuesday.

BUT, good news, it was there in the morning. So  I made a test with… 12 Pictures.

Here the result :


Click here to see it big !

Awesome ! It did not even took 2 minutes to compute everything. Just in case you are getting curious, get there to the PTgui video !

More to come…


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