A few days ago I have posted about making good shots in the rain. The point was to check if this is possible and to experiment with that.
Well, the problem is that as soon as I have started to think about a few things, the weather turned sunny !


So, I have cheated and made the picture above.


1) Have a window ( I mean everyone has a window… unless you are homeless but I think you would not read this if that is your case)
2) get something on the foreground (here I had flowers)
3) Get some water and throw it to the window (or get someone to did it for you on command so you get different patterns)
4) Use the 16:9 format to get the same as you see above


The focus is on the drops. Got to PS and use the “high pass” filter set at a low level + Play with the colors to have this fresh green !


Tomorrow, I will post a few pictures I have made a couple of months ago with a wonderful drop-effect !

Have a good light and stay tuned


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