Portraits of Children

As I have posted a few days ago, I have done a child session.

I had prepared a checklist I could not find as I had to get ready and finally I haven’t done what I had decided to. But ok, sometimes this the way to get the best images.

I took my D90, a 55-200 (f4,5) + a quadra. Done.

And guess what ? I did not even use the quadra since my neighbors have a big window in their livingroom with a white curtain witch lets the light goes through. So, it became a huge soft box ! Perfect ! My only limitation was the amount of light, I had to shoot at 640 ISO. But honestly, I am not a guy who wants no grain and needs the sharpest of the sharpest. So, I managed a few great shots that will be uploaded tomorrow with further tips about how to get along with kids during a shooting !

More to come…


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