5 Killer Tips to make better portraits of children

Well, my first advice is actually the most important one : Your gears help to make the shots. But at the end all comes down to your eye and your finger !

I could not say better than a great photographer did : Don Mc Cullin. He spent years covering wars and conflicts, poverty and pain to be a witness and to let us know about this.

He said : “I only use a camera like I use a toothbrush, it gets the job done.”

Well, can you add something to that ? I can’t.

So my tips :

1) Know your gears by heart, what ever they are.
2) Take your camera and talk to the parents and child as if a camera is the most normal thing on earth before you start.
3) Be a hunter and track the right moment, do not ask the kid to pose.
4) Work in Manual mode after you metered the light.
5) Take your time, you have to adapt your self to the situation and not the kids to you.

Here some shots done last week :





More to come…


One thought on “5 Killer Tips to make better portraits of children

  1. I agree with never asking for a pose. From any human subject. I feel disigenouous. The only thing I believe I should manipulate, is the light.

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