Questions and Anwers about all around photography

Hi guys,

As I got married last saturday and flew with my wife to Portugal, I am not in the ideal conditions to blog everyday. But, I am quite sure you will forgive me. OK, that beeing said, let’s jump to the Q&A :

What do you take in your bag when you travel ?
Well, it depends on the destination and on the kind of picture I want to shoot. For my trip to Portugal, I took a D90 (APS-C) and a D700 (FX), a f2,8 24-70mm + f2,8 70-200mm + my 14mm from Wallimex. And, of course my tripod.

Do you recommend a tripod?
Yes I do. When it comes to a perfect composition, that’s the best way to get it. Buy a good one, your camera is 2000$ worth, it would kill you to have broken camera because your tripod felt.

Why do you have APS-C and FX cameras?
Well, I have realized that lenses are expensive and you need different kind of. Nikon has a great 60mm macro. This guy is so sharp, it is comparable to my Zeiss-lenses. Set on my D700, it is a 60mm, set on my D90 (which as the same receptor as the D300) it becomes a 90mm I really love for portraits. 1 lens becomes 2 lenses. That’s why.

How do you work with the light ?
Big question. I avoid direct light. I like it to fall on the subject on a 45° angle or less. But this no rule and no garanty for a good picture, it’s just the way I like it and I am doing pretty well with this. More important is the way I make my decision about the amount of light.

OK, so how do you proceed to meter your light?
Relyong on my camera, I can use the matrix mode, the central mode and the point mode. I always set my cam on the Aperture priority to take control on my depth of field. The matrix mode is OK as long the elements do not have to much strong contrasts. This is why I prefer the central mode. I focus on the point where I want the proper exposure, keep the finger on the botton, make the consition and make the shot.

But there is a better and more accurate way : the light meter.

Why should I use a light meter?
Because, anytime you want a perfect exposure, this is the best and easyiest way to get it. It meters the light that falls on the subject. Set your aperture, press the button and it gives you the accurate shutterspeed. I have done tests, the light meters delivers better results. I use it any time I want a perfect picture. But often, I do not need so much precision and work as described above.

You shoot a lot of architectural stuff, why don’t you have a tilt-lens ?
Well, let me return your question : why should anyone buy one? They are expensive. And there are many ways to get the same results in the postproduction. LR5 now has a function to correct this in one click. And Photoshop is also a good working solution.

What do you think about CS-Cloud
I love this question, because it is a question that leads to nowhere. I have heard Scott Kelby about this and I fully agree with him :

If you are pro and can’t aford the 10 or 20 $ / month, maybe should think about looking for a new job.

If you are a amateur, you will have the best tool for 20 $ / month. CS5 costs 2000$. I would take you 100 month to reach 2000$. From that angle, I think it is fair.

But if you do not want to go for CS-Cloud (like me), stick to your old version or by Photoshop elements.

Last question for tonight : Why don’t you like CS-Cloud?
It is not a question of to like it or not. It is a question of to need it or not. Personally, I am the kind of guy who tries to get a perfect exposure in the cam. Same thing for the composition. And this is why I, to be totally honnest, only use maybe 30% of the possibilities of CS5. This is why I haven’t upgrade to CS6. It’s because, I do not see the need of a better version for the pictures I do. I do think, that many users are angry because they will have to pay and will not be able to get and let run a pirated version… Again, 20$ and you are on the right side of the law with a powerful tool… if you need this power, go for CS-Cloud, If not, stick to your actual version.

OK folks, enough for today,

more to come


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