Photography and Travel : Say a lot with very few

Ulli, Portugal 2013

Low key, a huge issue. But one thing is clear, it provides a kind of intimacy to the picture. Like this one above.

I am not a traveller photographer.

And, when I am back, my wife always ask me : “Why do you shoot taxi drivers in NYC rather than the Empire State Building?”
Well, I do not know. Maybe because it is too obvious or expected.

This shot was made last June in Luz, Portugal (Europe).
I could have shot the shore, the waves and…. (I did for my wife). But I prefer this one. In this shot you have :

The sun
My wife
The late afternoon with the last’s sun beams.
The sea
The pleasure to be there
The moment she is having

To me, this is a stronger captured moment than a ship sailing on the horizon.

To get such pictures, meter the light with a light meter (here a Sekonic 758D) aiming at the light source (the sun), then turn around your model, focus on the eyes and shoot.

I have searched the web and found this very interesting show on youtube about photography and travel. It is a 100 minutes video and you can learn a lot. Scott Kelby is a famous photoshop trainer and his thing is that he can explain complicated stuff I a way your 10 years old son would understand.

More to come…


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