TFP – Time For Print

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One of the first question I had in early days was : “Where do I get models ?”

And to be totally honest, this is a difficult point.
On one side, you are overestimating your skills and you somehow know that. But if you ask people and say : This is my first shooting ever, nobody will accept.

This why I suggest to start with friends, colleagues and relatives.
They will be more understanding when you will ask them for a moment because you have a problem with your camera.

After a while and a few shootings, you will be familiar with your camera, the backgrounds and all that stuff. Then, it’s time for TFP, Time For Prints.

The idea is your model is at your disposal for free. In return they get your pictures for free.

In Europe, and especially in Vienna (Austria), models on TFP-Web sites are unserious. They say YES and call off at the very last minute. That happened to me today. Fortunately, I also asked a colleague of mine if she would like to model and she said yes. So here is the thing : have a alternative way.

Make-Up (Photo credit: scheng_fui)

An what about MUA (Make Up Artists) on TFP?
The same.

So, if you are a pro and you have a contract, hire a pro model. And also a pro MUA.
If you are just a GWAC like me, build your network and always have a plan A, B, C… just in case.

I have made the decision to stop TFP because it turned out to be TFN, wasted Time For Nuts. I work from 8am-5pm behind my desk 5 days a week and I am no more interested into begging and having stress during my free time.

At this point I would like to know if anyone here has solved this problem  and if yes, how.

More to come…


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