What can I shoot when I do not travel to wow places?


I travel a lot and I am not always in the most beautifull places but still, I do believe that you can make good shots with poor material. At the end of the day it only depends on how you do see things and a great help would be to keep one’s kid’s eye.

This is why I love iPhone or Ipad.

You always have one of them with you. You see, you shoot. Done. I guess Cartier-Bresson would have loved it. Then he always said that it finally all comes down to the decisive moment to capture the emotion. He used to shoot only with a prime lens (50mm) in BW. You should google him, he created a news photo Agency called Magnum and was responsible for Asia.

Anyway, over years, I have a collection of planes and airports pictures I will share here so you can notice that you do not have to go to the end of the world to make interesting shots.

Let the little child in you see the world…

More to come…



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