10 killer tips for Selfportraiture




Ok, before I write more about self-portrait I have to say that I am not really an appropriate model.

But I have always wondered if it is difficult or not. And the only way to know this is to give it a shot. So, I took all my studio stuff in my car and went to the  studio.


1) Take gaffa tape so you can mark the ground, stick the gels, secure the cables,… And the cool thing is it leaves no marks while you take it off.

2) Take your remote shutter.

3) Take a stand when you are supposed to be on the picture. Use your LCD for the composition.

4) Pray God you haven’t forgotten your tripod at home, find it and put your cam on it.

5) Focus on it and put a mark on the ground

6) Try (it is not easy) to control your expression. You will have to make a lot of attempts.

7) Don’t forget the meaning of the picture. (Photo and guitar are my 2 passions!)

8) Don’t say I look stupid on this pic because I already know !   🙂

9) Build on…

10) Add smoke in the background with a strobe as backlight.


Well. I know there is none here. But is only because my model had arrived and I had to stop this experiment !   🙂


More to com….


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