Time For Prints — Part II

Time For Prints is a good thing to make pictures of people you do not know you can choose on their look.

Over the past few years, I have hired many models this way. It was most of the time a complicated process (see below my previous post on this subject) but also a very interesting one : you have to give your best in order to match her and your expectations. And if this doesn’t work, you have to face it.

My first shooting happened to be failure. Almost every shot happened to be bad. And there were many reason for this.

First, I was expecting a woman with a strong personality. I knew she was not pretty, but it was not the point. She came up and to my surprise, her skin was… a real challenge for my photoshop skills.

Second, she had piercings and tattoos. Both are OK but it did not want this for this shoot. And this forced me improvise.

Third, I have had to face it : my skills were not yet good enough to enable me to improvise. I was struggling with my wallimex lights (don’t buy, it’s cheap OK, but after 2 weeks you understand why) and I was still making the huge mistake to rely only on my histogram, which is of course not a good thing.

I only managed to get one OK shot out of… You don’t want to know this.

She hated it. Maybe because it was not the image from her she wanted to be caught in the camera. But I do not share her opinion, that’s her. I wont make a Cinderella out of her face and body. At least, I have been able to focus on her rocky/punky style.

Manu 20

So, what do we learn from that ?

It is important to make clear what sort pictures you are up to, before the shooting. This means, you have to talk to your model. Doing this, the shooting will be a win-win deal which is actually what you are looking for when doing TFP. And you can check how you model does look like.

More to come…



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