A month ago, I was in Finland as a good friend of mine who happens to be also a colleague of mine got married. As usual, I arrived just 15 minutes before it all started, the reason for that was a short connection at the Munich airport and some delay… Anyway I could make it and right after I paid the taxi, we went on a bus to bring us to the church.

Mister A told me he would need me for his family pictures. He knew I do not shoot weddings. I do not feel comfortable with this but, can you say no to a friend? For some reasons I ignore, the photographers hired for the church were not available for the family pics.

Those guys used elinchrom strobes, the same I have and love to use as well. Beeing experienced in how to light a subject, I have had my thoughts about the set up, but I guess they made tests with a light meter in order to get OK-shots, I mean not original, not WOW!, but shots good enough to catch the moment. And that was what they were expected to do so this is ok.

I made my family pictures, my couples pictures, best man picture, etc… Some are good, some are OK, somes were bad but I deleted these ones. I hope they are satisfied with the pictures and if not I sincerly hope they will forgive me.

The learn effect has been huge:

1. Do not wait until the light is getting dark. I had to shoot at iso 1000 : not good.
2. Find a way to stop the one who says, while you try to make a good shot, to your model “come on, be natural! Not like this, be natural!” This person means it good, but it provides more stress.
3. Have a few ideas ready to use so you have a set up ready to go. The pics may be not original, but at least you can deliver some ok shots.

I felt much more comfortable as we were finished I could shoot what ever I wanted. Like this one above. To me it way stronger than my friend a knife in his hand attacking the cake. You see the bride, you see her (fresh) husband, you see guests, you see it’s party time, she is dancing with an other guy and obviously he really can dance. And A only can watch and smile ! There is a story in that pic and to me it is a great shot. And if this story captures your attention, you will not care about the high ISO (3200) and the sharpness and the brightness.

We, photographers are storytellers, if we just provide a nice looking picture, we only have done the half job.

More to come…


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