Light Set up in Studio – The Hollywood style


I love the old style. This may sound a little strange for many of you, but I think woman, and by that I am meaning actresses, were way more sexy in the past than now. They had style and grace and were not reduced to legs and breasts. Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor


The way they used to be photographed has several names : Hollywood style, Paramount Style, Butterfly style…

Sans titre

I have tried of course to shoot this way I must say that I love it.

But now I can hear you : how do you set the lights ? Easy!

Sans titre

Set a beauty dish or a small softbox up aiming down at the model at a 45 degree. put the light stand right in front of her. Her face has to look toward it, always. Take a light meter and make a measure and give this to you cam. Done.

You can also add a backlight for the hair. A snoot is a good option.

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