If you have no expression, the portrait is miserable !

You can have a killer background, the best strobes on earth, the most attractive model but if there is no expression, you have nothing.

I truly think is true.

Yesterday I saw an exhibition of Linda McCartney. Some pics are just pics without anything special at first glance. But still, they keep in mind, because of the expressions, the feelings.

Hier a few pics of mine to explain this :

Miss A


An now watch this : beautiful woman, no expression. Miserable !

w Robe dorée 11

So next time when you shoot portrait, fix the technic before you start and then talk to your model and play with him/her. Say a word the model as to do like in activity but only with his/her face ! “Love!” “Sadness!” “Crocodile”…

Sometime shoot just before or just after you say the word. You will be surprised !

More to come…


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