The first pages of PHOTOSHOP IN 21 DAYS (title may change) – POST 1

Photoshop in 21 Days…
It’s not so far away  in the past that I remember myself walking in a software store wondering what software would be the best solution to my needs in terms of pictures developing on PC. I was 36 and had a lot of time to kill for private reasons. Should I take Lightroom? Is Picasa good enough? And what is this photoshop element? And as it is often the case, I turned away and went outside with nothing in my bag because I could make any decision, unknowing what was good or bad or not matching my needs.
My first steps in the digital world of photography were made with a Canon Powershot 620. I loved this camera, for street’s snapshots. It had no viewfinder and you had to look at your LCD-display at the back of the camera. The nice thing which was pretty cool was that you could rotate this display: very effective when the sun was coming from my back but also to be discrete while shooting guys closed to you. Anyway, I had no idea at this time what RAW-files were and it did not bother me that much. Jpegs were ruling, it was fine and I postprocessing an unknown thing for me at that time.
Knowing that photography was becoming a hoby of mine, an acknowledge gave me a CD with different softwares and told me “Hey man, you should have a look on these. Making the shot is just the half way”. I truly knew she was right. But at that time, I was really thinking that a photographer had to made the job in the camera : “See it, frame it, shoot it, done”, that was for me all what it was about for a good photographer. This attitude was somehow strange or contradicting because at the same time I was shooting in P-Mode or S-Mode. P does not stand for Pro-mode but for fully automatic. Shooting in S-mode was actually what I had done from time to times with my dad’s camera, a Canon AE1. But I wasn’t shooting sports. But well, what shall I say? Obviously the importance of depth of field was not really top of mine.
A I went home, I swept the CD in my laptop and installed Picasa. And I have to say that it changed all my mind’s setup.Suddenly pictures made in bad light’s conditions could be restored, it was possible to crop, to darken or brighten, to sharpen, to saturate the colors… and I guess I did what all new photographers do : I used those functionalities way too much, almost destroying my pictures. This period did last a year, maybe even a little longer.
More to come in the next days…

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