How to create a set up in studio

Sekt Schultz mit Gold (Ulli+Sigita) © Marc Eliot-5

Shooting in studio is a very interesting thing. It is not only about getting the shot. It is also about enjoying the process of making photography. We have to solve problems viewers do not imagine.
I have picked up this image as an example.

Phil gave me this bottle of french wine and asked me if I could make a nice shot with it. It said yes. I love challenges. This bottle is limited serial : there are some gold in it which is there to recreate the feel of a party. The bottle is the most important part of the picture and it was important to create a moody lighting. I made the decision to light it from below as it is often the case in bars or lounges.

Then I set the lady in the background who drinks the wine and likes it. And to bring more party feel, I added the smoke.

so : 2 strobes, one woman, one fog machine, a purple gel, and of course the bottle !

More to come…


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