Shoooting a plane or waiting guys at the airports is for me as interesting as reading the wall street paper that was written 12 years ago.

What I love is light and spaces. And if you shoot this, and if it happens to be the fall of light on a red carpet at Terminal F, Paris, then yes I will take my ipad and shoot. If the light is nice on a plane, then I will shoot again. Yes, I like airports, and the waiting guys.

Mit Snapseed bearbeitetes Bild

But they got to have an expression, or something that makes them interesting. I love them in backlinght for exemple.

Now that you have read this, look at the picture. Not a wow shot. But this one you will remember because it is unusual to shoot that. And if the title would be : “Nantes I am coming!”, you would think it makes no sense.

But it does. The light was nice, I saw the light on the red carpet and this greeny stand… While I was waiting for the last leg of my trip to Nantes.

More to come…


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