Am I good enough?


There are times I have been wondering if I am good enough. Times with ups and downs. Mornings when I wake up and feel so good that I think it would have been a better turn for me not to start being a semipro photographer. Times when I see my shots and think : “Dude, let your cam in the drawer and concentrate yourself on your primary job”. Days I watch my work and think. Well, hum,…. Is that good? Was it worth to invest so much time, money and energy? Days I am tired to look for TFP models who end up to call off at the last minute…

There are days like this.

My best friends, some of them are pros, have these downs too.

But when I saw a video on youtube about Joe McNally and his ups and downs, I felt a such a good vibration. If that guy, a world reference, feels or felt the same, then I am not wacko! Or not totally at last. And Joe is my hero ! (see more about him below!)

Today is a day when I am on the edge. I wish I had more time to shoot. But having more time would mean being a photographer for a living. And, turned 40, you do not change your life so radically. So I have promised myself to shoot for I love it and just for the fun and to stick to that.

But there are also days when your neighbor asks you to shoot his wife and son, photographically I mean. Days when the firefighters of my town asked me to shoot pictures of them in action and in uniform, days you have been able to capture the light on a amazing landscape.

These ups and downs are, I think, a must to go ahead and to,get better. Being self satisfied might not be that good on the long run.

Today’s shot is tip for my friends to understand how’s my life when I’m on the way…

More to come….


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