Ground Zero ; 9/11

Days like this do not occure quiet often. The earth stopped turning. My mom told me years ago, that everybody remembers where he was and what he was doing when JFK got shot. And I truly think that is the same for nine eleven.

I was on the way to the austrian offices of the UNO. Panik was there. Huge flat tv screens set on cnn in the rooms… Cries, voices on the phone trying to contact their relatives…

8 years laters I was fot the first time in my life in NYC.

We went to Ground Zero. It was cold, rainy dispite the mounth of june. We saw the memorial for the FF of New York. And I saw this young boy reading the names. And this message written on a brick : RIP MUM, HAPPY MOM’S DAY

I took only one frame as the moment had already gone.

We did not speak much that day.


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