A few tips to learn faster !

Do you want to improve your photoskills faster?

Then I will share a few sites where you can get a lot of information that will help you to bring your photos to next level.

The cool thing is that there are thousands of guys who have filmed themselves talking about almost anything aroundbphotography. The problem is you do not know who they are. They might be great photogs. But it can be that they just prentend to be good and broadcast craps. So check many different vids on the same subject.

The channel thing in youtube is great. Here you know who is the author of the vids. My favorite one as start-base so to say is the B and H channel. BH is the biggest photo store worldwide and they also organize seminars zhey throw online. Here you get information from well known photographers. Just go to youtube and type BH videos.

Scott Kelby is a man who was a graphic editor before he started to be photographer. He created a company that offers online classes with famous teachers like lindsay Adler or Joe McNally… They are more than 200 classes and 50 teachers. You buy a yearly or monthly subscription and you can watch the videos as much as you want. You also can watch a video for 10$.

Scott is for me a good technician and a good teacher. I have to say I have learned a lot.

Surf the internet and google photographers you like. Most of them have a blog where they tell a lot about getting the shot. My tip : http://www.aboutrc.com or frankdoorhof.com

They helped me to learn a lot about gears and photographers. But mot really to learn about compo and technics. They write a lot, I guess I am the kind of guy who needs to watch and hear. It is probably like learning how to dance with book : won’t work for me.

The Grid
A weekly show about photography including actual issues, technical stuffs, etc… A must to go when you have done the first steps. They once a mounth have bind critics that are really cool because they are not here to say wow or nice, they just say thing thatbcan help you to get better.
Again, Scott Kelby is around as producer and speaker. Great stuff!
The Grid

More to come…


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