No Time Is No Excuse

Who has got time nowadays?

Mickael Gadzik - Mail-1

I don’t. My colleagues don’t. My neighbors don’t.

As a GWAC (= Guy With A Cam), I do a lot of things : I travel, I fly to Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille… I visit hotels, I spend hours behind my desk, I call, I e-mail… I spend hours driving on the road, I have meetings… I definitely have no time.

But, It’s not true.

Some shots don’t require a lot of time to be great. Sometimes you simply have to be the right guy at the right place at the right time.

I was last week in Paris with Mickael (see above). Mickael and I are colleagues and we have a bunch of fun together. And then, I saw him like a CEO of a big corporation (our company is big but we are not even members of the board). He usually wears jeans and T-shirts and seeing him dressed like this, well I thought he would like a shot of him like that. He was actually really giving a call.

So here is the thing : Wherever you are, there is always someone or something to photograph. You do not have to go very far. You just have to see things and to present them in a fancy or non conventional way.

Making the shot took me 30 seconds (5 frames) + 5 Min in CS5.

So 5 Minutes and 30 seconds.

Lake of time is not an excuse.

More to come…


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