Skin, CS5 and plug-ins…

Skin with TOPAZ Cleaner 3

Skin is always an issue when shooting fashion or portraits, especially for woman.
It is difficult to get the right balance between natural and too soft and unrealistic.

So let’s have a look at the TOPAZ CLEANER 3. First, let’s take any portrait without postprocessing at all :

Before :
Sigita before-1

and after :


This plug-in is very powerful because you can control the texture easier than in NIK Software color 3 (dynamic skin softener). So the result is very impressive. The only one thing I do not like is the time it needs for the processing. The filter influence the entire picture, this means you have to create a mask in CS5 and to blackpaint the part of the pictures you do not want to be affected. But all in all, I think I will buy it after the 30 trial days because the result is very much OK and it only costs about 30$.

Want to see more about this plug-in? You also can have a look at Frank Doorhof’s video here !

More to come…


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