It’s not the gear…

Bulb StoryIt’s not the gear that makes the shot.

And a good shot has not to be perfect to be a good one. But I will go back to that last statement later in an other post.

In my two previous posts I have written about how to use the natural light as a perfect softbox.

But, winter is coming and the days go shorten with it. So as it is already dark at 6pm (and this is the time when I leave my office), how am I suppose to shoot then ? hum…

But here is the thing, you also cam make great shot with very cheap lights. Do you see the pic above ? It was shot with a 5€ bulb bought in a DIY-shop.

Bulb Story

It is very important to use a light meter so you can control your exposure.

As the light is not strong, the fall off is very quick. But you can use this create drama like in this one.

I think it is obvious where the bulb was.

But you also can use a bulb for your background :

As you see, not having the expensive gears doesn’t mean you have no alternatives to make interesting shots. And for those who do not trust me, here is the proof there was only a bulb as main light  😀

Bulb Project
More to come…


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