Natural Light With Bad Weather

No good weather = no shots?

Photography is about creativity. And it is about adapting your strategy to your environment. The more you have to adapt, the more you will get creative. And learn.

Shooting in studio is something I really love, but still, I think the best way to improve your technical skills is to shoot with available light.
Why? Because, you must adapt yourself to the light. I mean the intensity, its place, its softness…

Ulli - WE - Somme - France-2

This shot is very special for its softness. And this was what I was looking for. How could I predict it would be like this? Because the entire sky was covered with clouds. This means no direct light. As the light source is huge, I knew its quality would be great. In fact, I used the sky as giant softbox. We were at the beach. Sand reflects the light pretty much, so is really wrapped with the light. This provides softness.

A last tip : Use a light meter. You will get the perfect exposure and once you have set the data in your cam, you can forget speed and aperture and concentrate your self on the composition.

More to come…


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