Revisiting an old picture

One of my most popular picture was shot in my early days. And I do not really like it.
So I thought it would be time to create a remake. A better version and to see how people react.

It was a portrait of my wife drinking coffee at the Vienna International Airport. It was a moment. She was looking thru the window and was thinking.
I just had time to take one frame which had the effect to distract her and the moment was gone. So yes, I think you can say it is a snapshot. Not a bad one, but yes, it was a snapshot.

In those days I used to shoot with a nikon d40x. Honestly, a great camera. I loved it and I now regret that sold it to my brother in law. Anyway, I uploaded the picture in flickr. To my very surprise, this shot got a lot hits and, looking at referrers, I was even more surprised ! This shot is used in many blogs and newspapers.

Here is the shot :

Thinking...There is a moment in the picture, the sharpness of eye… well, well. But this not a great shot in my opinion. But obviously, many guys like it more than I do. I like the geometry in this shot. But the nose in not flattering. At least this is what I do not like in the shot.

A few weeks ago, as my wife and I were spending a weekend in the north of France. As we were having breakfast, I remembered the shot done above I told her : “Hey, do you remember that shot at the airport where you drink coffee? Let’s make a new version!” She said yes.
To make the game funnier, I respected the same context : only one shot ! But this time I knew what I wanted. No nose, two eyes… and I wanted her to look from the right to the left. That provides more punch !

Here it is :

Thinking & Nostalgy

So here is the thing : If you want to see if you have become a better photographer, grab your archive, pick up a picture and make a new version of it !

I am very curious and I wonder if this shot will have the same success or even more han thhprevious one. This is why I have set the rights so we all can use it for free.

more to come…


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