Diner with Mister Failure

Previously on “Diner With Mister Failure” Marc had a shooting and is frustrated as he realized he missed many shots. He is frustrated because the model was perfect and very professional. He invited his failures thanks a good advice from Joe McNally and has diner with him to talk about what went wrong and what will be done an other way next time.

(All pictures in this post are the rejected ones and are here as examples to show what was wrong. You are NOT authorized to use and/or reproduce them in anyway).

Failure: Hi Marc! How are you! Thank you for the invitation!

Me: You’re welcome!

Failure: Actually we have made a long way to together. But you never wanted to talk to me.

Me: That’s right, but I.. hum… you know, I shoot, I see the shot and the think ” Mister Failure was here”

Failure: Yes, but it’s only because you let me come in to your shootings.

Me: What do you mean by that?

Failure: Well, suppose if you were the Photographer you wish to be, I wouldn’t cross your path that often!

Me: That’s why I want to talk to you. So we can talk about what I am doing wrong.

Failure: And as you can see, I am here. So Marc, what do you want to talk about?

Me: About you.

Mister Failure smiles.

Failure: OK, but let’s have a drink first. A Vodka-Martini please.

Me: All right. The same for me please.

Me: You know, I kinda hate you. If I don’t pay attention, you would be running and ruining my life. Or least my shootings.

Failure: Yes. You are such a faithful fellow.

Me : Last Saturday, I had a great shooting scheduled. All was there to be my best shoot ever : great model, very professional, but you came and messed it up.

Failure: Wrong. You let me step in.

Me: What do you mean?

Failure (to the waiter): Thank you my dear. Well, do you remember when you packed your gears?

Me: Yes…

Failure: That’s when you forgot to take a second memory card.

Me: Yes..

Failure: I love you so much, it is so easy with you… And what happened?

Me: After a while, my card was full and…

Failure: And you can be lucky that the shooting was almost over.

Me: Yes. That’s right.

Failure: I am here to help you tonight, so maybe I can have a look at the menu while you think what you will do next time.

Me: Well, I will always take a second card.

Failure: Old boy, you are on the right track 🙂

Me: Thank you!

Failure: When did you notice me during the shooting?

Me: See the pic above, Mister R did not hold the reflector as I told him to.

Failure: Hum, yes, and?

Me: And what?

Failure: Why did you take the picture then? I mean if the picture was not what you were expecting ?

Me: I guess I did not pay attention.

Failure : That model was perfect and very professional, she is cool with taking time. She wants good pictures.

Me: Yes, I think I need to be slowlyer and to pay more attention.


Failure: What’s that?

Me: You have been there too!

Failure: I can see that. Way too dark. How did it happen?

Me: I used a light Meter as Mister Frank Doorhof tells us online. I aimed it toward the light source, in that case that’s the sun. And to make a balance, I wanted Mister R to…

Failure: Mister Doorhof, a great guy and famous teacher, really. I also meet him from time times, but really not as often as I meet you.

Me: Then she was in backlight and the reflector did not reflect her face but her arm.

Failure:  And again ? Why did you take the picture then? You know what? Take a shot as if it was your only one. Or one the last ones.

Me: I will. I will also take the reflector and aim at the model as I want to. So Mister R will see what I am expecting from him.

Failure: Hey, that’s a good idea! Our talk seams not to be pointless !

Waiter: Hi guys! Are you ready?

More to come…


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