Dinning with my failures

Previously on Dinner With Mister Failures : Marc is having diner with his failures, embodied by Mister Failure. They talk together so he can analyze what went wrong and learn something out of it.

The picture shown in this post is a rejected one. Its only purpose is to show common failures while shooting. You are not authorized to use/reproduce/download/mention this picture in any ways. All rights reserved and shares by the author and the model.

So Gentlemen, are you ready ?

No I thing we need a little more time, don’t we ?

Yes sure, take your time.

Take your time… You’re learning pretty fast my friend.


Failure, seeing this picture
And what’s that ?

Well, that’s obvious. Blurred. I cut her two hands, put her head in the middle, shutter speed was to slow…

Well, you know what to do : take your time. Control your exposure, focus and then make the composition.

Promised. I will.

Learn effect :

  • Measure the light
  • control the data in you cam (when shooting in M-Mode)
  • Use a light meter or your built-in spot metering. If you use your spot meter, then pick up 3 points (dark, bright and middle and make an average value)
  • A light meter is the best thing to do, but thing you might have to balance the light sometimes if to avoid strong contrasts (unless this is what you are going for it)
  • Don’t cut hands.

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