Flickr, CC and wrong use of your pics

Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-13 um 12.07.42

When you upload a picture in flick, you add CC copyright. If you do not change the standard setting, your picture can be used on other websides. And I think it’s okay as long as you are aware and ok with this.

I was a little naive when I uploaded this one which is one of my interesting shot when you know its story. It all started with a talk with my wife. It was about beeing beautiful. My opinion is that you look good and attractive when/if you look happy and full of joy. So I shot a fat woman, a happy fat woman who doesn’t care about it. Look at her, she is so free, we all would love be free like her. And that makes her beautiful.

This shot has been used in many blogs, and that’s ok.

But one day I saw my shot used on blog called fat women do not deserve love (see above). I was so angry.

First, this is of course stupid
Second, that’s horrible to say that. It means some humans are less worth than others. That is step one on the way to extermination’s ideology.
Third, that’s exactly the opposite of the message of the shot

What can we do?

Well, I wrote him a message to explain what I think and how wrong this blogger is. But can I let him get the pic away?

No. And that troubles me a lot.

So next time, when you upload picture on flickr or somewhere else, be careful because you do not want to see your picture of your girlfriend on a blog about: how to fuck and dump her in 10 days. And I do not think your girlfriend wants that to.

So, now, I have changed my setting on all right reserved. And maybe you should do it too.

More to come


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