That’s why you need a portfolio

Looking behind is an appropriate way to notice your improvements (well, at least your evolution!) 🙂

This why even if you are a JAGWAC (which means Just A Guy With A Cam), you need a portfolio. Because this is where you put your best shots. And this what I am, a hobby photog based in Vienna (Austria) who loves to shoot friends, relatives and TFP models.
So from time too times, it’s good to have a look at it just to make an update. Sometimes you’ll think “Hey that was really cool!” but sometimes you will shout “Oh my God, How could I be proud of that one!”
This process is interesting.


So, I am starting to browse my pictures in LR (I still use LR2) and an new section named My Shots will be soon opened.

So, here is a picture of my first shooting ! I still like it, but it is way not as good as I thought it was ! 🙂

Project Pic 7


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