Ask for Feedbacks

Ask for feedbacks and not for hugs !


I had yesterday the pleasure and the honor to have a photo session with Angelika Riedl, an austrian model on the way to the top of the austrian “model landscape”. It was also a privilege for me as she told me that this TFP-Shooting would be last one.

She has made the decision sign up in an agency. She needs some head-shots and this is why she has accepted to work with me this very last time without being paid.

As Joe McNally often says, photography is about solving problem.
The studio I rented was very cheap but they have numerous gears and they are of good quality. But not this day : most of them were sent away to repair and the guys there had completely forgotten to tell me that.
Or I did delete the email. Anyway, Make-Up artist is there, model is there, assistant is there and I have to improvise a solution.

(head scratching)

So, I made the decision to go for easy stuffs and to build on them.

First set up was easy : black BG, a Beauty-Dish, and off we go for a hollywood style.
But BD was out of order, and someone had but a grid on it it could not remove.

Second set up: It worked better, I used a big softbox and the results are OK. But the intensity of the strobe was not always even… Hummm… But still acceptable !

Last set up : Big Octa. Huge light source, great one. My problem was That I have put her to close to it so I was hard to get her entire face.

That was the shooting and its learning’s progress.

Most important, I asked her for a feedback!

more to come…


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