HDR Photography made easy in 6 steps !

A few weeks ago I have met Boris, a good friend of mine who enjoys shooting pictures from times to times.
He owns a Fujifilm x100 and the idea of making night shots of the city of Vienna sounded great so he joined me.

HDR - Tests-2

The first thing to do is to grab your tripod. I have already posted an article about tripods and why you should not save on that piece of equipment. The idea is that your camera costs a lot of money. Set on a cheap tripod, it can fall and get broken… Anyway, Boris and I went to the Donau’s Chanel which is right in the middle of the city.

HDR - Tests-5

How did I make these shots ?

The idea of HDR pictures is to make several shots of the same subject but with different exposures. Back home, you select these and use a software to create the final shot which shows the best exposures of the shots combined one only 1 single picture. It’s a way to increase the dynamic’s range of your camera and to brings it to almost the level of your eye’s dynamic’s range.


HDR - Tests-8

I am not a tech-guy, I am just a simple guy with a cam who loves to shoot in his free time. So I will not write a word about how the softwares work to create this finale image. It is enough for me to know it works and how to run the software which is a pretty easy thing to to.

HDR - Tests-1

Step 1
Chose the mode M.
Compose and notice the shutter speed given by your camera. This is your point of reference.

Step 2
Down your exposure on 1 stop. NOT by changing the aperture, it would affect your depth of field. So reduce your shutter speed to the next stop. If you now look in your LCD Display, the picture is too bright. But now, this is on purpose, so don’t worry about that.

Step 3
Repeat step 2. And still don’t worry about the brightness. once it’s done, set the reference speed in your cam.

Step 4
Now we will change the shutter speed again, but this time we will up the s-stop. So set your speed to the next stop and take the shot.

Step 5
Repeat step 4 four times. You pictures will be darker and darker and that’s we are looking for so it is OK.

Step 6
Back home, load this pics in your HDP Application and be creative in your settings. I think you should not go for crazy unreal things. But that’s just my opinion and my taste.

What App do I use ?

I use HDR efex pro II from NIK-SOFTWARE which was bought by Google last year.
Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-26 um 20.21.30
The text is in german, but you do not need to speak german to notice the web address 🙂
It’s great, it’s cheap, works well, I really can advice you to give it a try !

Have fun with it ! More to come…


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