Shooting with the big Softbox !

Big Softbox !

20131023-DSC_8038-VERSION 2

Shooting in studio is really fun and this where I love to experiment the most.
Playing with the light is my favorite game. I try this, I try that and sometimes it works pretty well and sometimes I think to my self : God you went way to far in your contrasts. Then it’s when I go back to easyier setups like the butterfly lighting also called paramount or hollywood. I guess it speaks for itself and I don’t have to say why. Sometimes I go for unsualthings like a snoot as main light as you can see Ulli on this shot below.

Be Hot And Shut Up - The Ironing Version

But I have to say I often have problem using big softboxes. And I want to master them since they provide a very nice wrapping light very soft that is very flattering for your subjects. So as I knew I would shoot a very nice model, I thought I would give it a try and I picked up the big octa which is even bigger than I am : 1,90m diameter. (I do not know how it is in feet but it is huge!).

And it really helped me to have drawn the scene on a sheet of paper before :


Positioning the model up or down provides a different look on the way how the light falls off. Closer to softbox? Should she rotate ? We made different attempts and it was fun !

Important : let room between the model and the SB so you can be somewhere in the middle and get her entire face.

More to come…


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