How do I get Analog Efex Pro (NIK-Software) ?

Analog Efex Pro

Nik-Software, bought last year by Google, has released a new plugin named Analog Efex PRO wich seams to be a response to Alien Skin Exposure 5.

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This is good news since we were all worried about NIK’S future under Google’s flag. I love NIK’s Plugins because they are not only easy to use but also provide great results.

But this is not why I am posting today about them. In a forum, maybe the best I know because it is hosted by a Pro-Photographer, I have read something about a new NIK-Plugin I had never heard of. This is strange because normally NIK updates their products for free. I got curious and googled but to my very surprise, I did not find any clear answer or any relevant link matching my search. I have read that Macs do block this automatic update.

Since Google has bought NIK, the plugins are much cheaper and are to be sold as one pack instead of (now) 7 and the actual rate is $149,– (before : around $400,– for the entire suite). I won’t talk about the plugins now, I will come back to that later in future posts, but the thing is that it was difficult to get a clear information about HOW and WHERE can I get the missing plugin. It took me a while, but I have found this and this is what I now want to share with you.

So… How do I get AEP?

one – You aren’t a NIK’s customer already.
Then hold you credit card and download the bundle from there!

two – I am a NIK customer
Like me, you already have bought the bundle and installed it. The only thing you have to do is to find the confirmation of order you received per email the day you purchased. Open this email and click on the download link which is in the mail. You have of course to select OS or Windows. Download from the confirmation of order, install. And it’s done. And you do not have to pay.

This is easy and done within 5 minutes !

More to come…

PS : please apologize my english. Remember if it sometimes sounds funny, it’s only because I am not an english native speaker. But it sounds smart and brilliant : this is on purpose ! 😉


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