How to select the best shot ? What is a good ratio good/bad shots ?

Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-01 um 20.07.11

This question is not so easy to answer.
First I make a kind a review : first review, I give a star to my favorite pics. 2 Stars for the winners of the 2nd review, and 3 for the 3rd review. (LR)
Then I retouch or/and adjust those pictures and then I chose my 4 stars!


But this only a process. How can you be sure you star the pics which are worth it ? Well, you can’t. This is the key problem. I personally think you need rest, a few days, and have a last look at the entire collection. Yes the entire collection, making possible for a rejected pic to get a 4 star. I also often ask my wife. When she says, “hum…” while watching at a woman, I know she is being jealous and this must be a killer shot ! 🙂 Just kidding, I often ask her and she tells me why. Sometimes I don’t agree but most of the time I do. Here a 4 star Shot which was initially rejected:

Angelika Riedl

A very popular question is “what is a good ratio Good/Bad shots?”
I had this question a long time in my head, I went to Frank Doorhof’s forum (where you should sign up by the way) and asked that. And the answer, is 5 to 10% depending of your talent, your model, your luck,… I think it’s a good answer. The funny thing is that at the MICHEL COMTE exhibition in Vienna, you could see the contact sheet with all the pics of the film. But not only this, but the selected pics too! And the ratio, for him, is 5%. Or less…

The very tiny difference, if I can express myself this way, is that there is a world between is wow shots and my wow shots…

More to come…

PS : I have started a french page (see above in the menu)


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