Editing + Great Video


I am finished with the post processing of my last week shooting. Actually it’s fun to work CS5 and its plugins but in same time, I wish I had no computer but rolls to develop.


Well, because with less pictures, your choice (=the picture you are going to edit) is kept smaller. I was in Lyon, France this week and in the plane I read an article about an editor who was thinking this too. But, to be totally honest, without the digital area, I would never have tried to make so much pictures.

Angelika Riedl

His workflow is :

Step one – delete all bad shots (eyes closed, unpleasant blur…)
Step two – wait 1 or 2 months (!) so you forget the emotion you had while shooting. In other words, forget the shots.
Step three – Chose only the two best shots per setup and edit them
step four – select among the winners of step 3 the ones you send to the lab in a medium format (not too small, not too big…). As it costs, you will be more selective.

Truth being said, I think it is a pretty clever thing to do. Actually I did it without putting step four in my workflow. But as I print or better said let print on a regular basis, I do select again my shots.

I think the possible further steps could be…


step five – Select the pics you are going to put on you walls
step six – Among these, select the ones for your portfolio.

As this blog is a place where I share my “knowledges accumulated on the way”, I have grabbed a great video to retouch parts of pictures:


Have fun and a good light ! more to come…


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