Analog Efex Pro – Before/After

Hi guys !
Analog Efex Pro is really fun and it really turns your pics to a next level. This is not going to create a great or wow shot out of a bad one. It you can make it to an eye-catcher, you can let it pop !

Look at that:

Before (out of cam)

and after

Is it a wow shot or not? Not it isn’t. But it’s nice and moody. I like it for what it is, a well done snapshot !

So now let’s be serious! Can I use this for picture of quality or pics with potential. Well I wouldn’t say yes or no. What is sure is that you have edit small steps by small steps and keep discret so no one knows what you used to get the shot. And do not forget, taht nobody’s perfect, so let small blemishes here and there so it looks… normal (even when it’s not!).

more to come…


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