Whoever you are as a photographer, you need a portfolio.

Now let me tell you why. If you are a pro, without a portfolio, you are just like a shop without windows. Your portfolio is your showroom. This is where you come in, have a look and think : yep, that’s the one I want for my weeding, birthday, portrait, add campaign or whatever.

Now many of you will tell me : “Hey man, you are not a pro, what do you know about that?? Hum…?”

Well it’s easy to answer: I am a hobby photographer in the sense that I don’t shoot for a living. What I do is to shoot because I love it. I love it so much that I do not want to shoot things that don’t interest me. I love it so much that I do not want to have a higher financial risk and at the same time shooting stuff I do not really want to. So, even if pretend that I could, I will not cross that line and I will stay a JAGWAC (= Just A Guy With A Cam). BUT, I am a potential client : when i got married, last june, I hired a photographer : Carmen Kronspiess! She is great and very talented. What I love if that she has a unique style that makes that when you see one of her pics, you know who stood behind the camera. Not cheap. But there is a reason why : she can shoot ! She has a web site, please have a look : http://www.carmenkronspiess.com

How did we chose?

Well, actually my wife did. I guess it is almost the same anywhere, women are very active when it is about their wedding ! 🙂 So she searched the web and she watched the portfolios. If the photographers did not have one, she just said : “Hum humm… no !” If the pictures were not good or did not match her taste, the photographer was set on the NO list. Ulli, my wife says: “she had not too many so I could make my opinion, thinking she put her best shots. Too many pics let think: ” hey! She had a good day that day and she was so excited that she uploaded 100 pics, after all who knows when she is going to make such good pictures again! Actually I made my mind on 1 single picture. The rest, the others, only confirmed my mind.”

It was a good decision, she and I are happy with the results. If you live in Austria and you are looking for wedding photographer, check her portfolio. She is amazing !!!

Now, why do JAGWAC also need a portfolio?

Because this process makes that you upload your best shots. As you have to update it, you see your improvements. It’s just a window that aims to say : “Guys, this is what I am able to shoot, this what I can! Now!” I now am building a “real” portfolio ; I had one on a website for finding models but it wasn’t really a portfolio. It’s damned hard to pick up the right shots when you only can upload 36 pics. And believe it or not, but there is real strong learn effect in that process.

So, as I am not done with it, I wish you a good day with a good light ! Take care!

More to come…


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