Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-14 um 18.41.40

We all know that : Sometimes we find motives to shoot all day long and you would need 2 or 3 more SD-Cards. And sometimes whereever you look around you, everything just looks like “eeehh?”…

This is something we all know I guess, writers call that : “The Page Syndrom”. You feel like shooting something but you don’t find anything to shoot! And this is exactly what’s happening : YOU do not find, but your neighbor would.

It’s only because you are not in the mood or you are entering in a phase of transition.

You need more inspiration.

It’s time to look at the works of other photographers to see the pictures and consider if you like them or not. And much more important : why you like them. Or not.

It’s time to get inspired again.

Nowadays it’s easy to get access to pictures : flickr, 500px, instagram, homepages… It’s also the best time to open Lightroom and to edit pictures you have been delaying.

Here a link to my best inspiring shot of the week ! (safe at Work, no problem !). The artist is PETE GLOGIEWICZ. He has great ideas, his shots make me laugh loud! I love his work !

more to come…


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