I am back from California and Nevada where I spent 2 weeks on vacation. Westcoast, ocean, San Francisco, Vegas, all those names sound magic to me and I really wanted to take as much pictures as it gets.


To do that I had taken my standard gears (Nikon) and, a new device : my BlackBerry Z10. No Joke.

In short: BB z10 is great. I am very surprised in a positive way. It has 8 MP, and it may be the reason why I love this smartphone, its HDR software is simply awesome ! So If I consider that what I wanna do in vacation is to take nice pictures with no artistic  pretensions, it is the perfect guy to use and to take with you. My wife has a iPhone and this is no match to the z10.

It goes in the pocket, it has no weight…


At the end of the day, I think we can agree on that a good shot is a good shot no matters what is for a camera. And this applies also for bad shots !

I definitely will take it again but this time on purpose next time I am on travel !

So what is the minus point ? Well… the battery.

more to come

PS : those shots were all done with my blackberry



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