Be quick or take time…

California 2013

In that case, I don’t care if it was shot in NYC, LA or Dallas. Or anywhere else. I just loved the sunbeams falling from the up left corner to the right down corner.

The RAW file was not so brilliant. I had to hold back details and this is where I use the Detail extractor of NIK-Software. Being with my wife is, photographically said, good and bad when I am discovering a new place and see possible shots.

Good because, it forces me to make decision quickly : good enough? bad? Dunno? Well if I don’t know, I just move on.
Bad because, sometimes I have to feel the place. Like a hunting lion, I need tu see, watch, turn around to finally find the good point of view or to decide to move on. And this is only possible when you are alone. My wife is a treasure of patience, but still, as I love her, I do not want to pull that rope too strong.

This was shot in San Franciso.




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